Japandi HDB Resale Reno – Week 5

Japandi HDB Resale Reno – Week 5

So what do you do after plastering a flat to be all shiny and smooth?

Punch holes through the walls again of course! But this is inevitable to install wiring and pipes at all the desired places.

Pipes in the bathroom of the Master Bedroom which will hopefully blend in with the tiles once painted white. Why 2 sets of pipes? Because one for cold water and one for hot water coming in from the water heater…

…which will be placed here in the service yard, at that corner next to the window of the common bathroom. Good thing these huge pipes can obscure the maze-like pipes – at least it’s good for something aesthetically!!

Remember I was griping about the existence of 2 pairs of huge pipes in 2 corners of the service yard?


Suddenly I’m glad that this one’s not flush against the wall either, because it obscures and enables nicer electrical cabling into the kitchen.

The kitchen sink will be at this spot, because I don’t like the idea of either the sink, hob or fridge being by the kitchen windows. Hot water will also be available at the kitchen sink because erm hot water might help in washing some stuff I think??

Recessed walls are put to good use, obscuring trunking.

While all this was going on, several deliveries were also made:


First up was self-delivery of items I have been buying since June My family members are rejoicing that the balcony of my current place is now (largely) clear again.


  • fans (with lights) for all bedrooms and the living room, bought in Tampoi, JB before the Sales and Service Tax came into effect!
  • ceiling and hanging lights, and bathroom accessories, from various shops via EZBuy
  • bathroom lights from Sense N Bedeck, and Ikea

Fittings for the kitchen cabinets from Excel Hardware. Kudos for being able to arrange for delivery within such short notice! The carpenters will be incorporating these into their kitchen cabinet designs.

Mirror cabinets and basin cabinets for the bathrooms from Biene

And a whole bunch of stuff from stuff including my Baron WCs, kitchen and service yard sinks and mixer/tap and showerheads.

Will go through all items one at a time as they’re fixed up.

Whew! All ready for another exciting week ahead!