Japandi HDB Resale Reno – Weeks 10 & 11

Japandi HDB Resale Reno – Weeks 10 & 11

According to my schedule, my fully renovated apartment was to have been handed over to me by today. Unfortunately, it seems that the laminates that I had chosen for my carpentry are out of stock and will be here only slightly more than a week from now. Projecting a few more days after that for installation of carpentry and then fabrication of my kitchen’s table top after carpentry installation, looks like it will be another 3 more weeks 

Anyhow here’re some updates since my last post. First up, final tiling works!

All damaged tiles were replaced, including the one in the common bathroom here which was broken by aircon trunking. No trace of there ever being any damage!

Skirting was also done for the areas at the walls that were boxed up. Strictly speaking not necessary, but it does create a more uniform look for the walls all around.

The formerly protruding outlet pipe for the service yard basin has been moved – and it is now  right below it! Lights and ceiling fan installation also took place!

One of these things is not like the other..because these are ceiling lights from two brands: Fanz and Rubine. Yes they look the same, but functionally (for equivalent models from both brands) here are the differences in a nutshell:

  • Rubine is cheaper than Fanz, but..
  • When you turn on the Rubine, it only turns on the fan function and you need to use the remote to turn on the light; the Fanz turns on the light and fan at the same time, without need for a remote
  • When you turn on the Fanz, it remembers the last light and fan setting; not so with the Rubine
  • The maximum light setting from the Rubine is noticeably dimmer than the Fanz
  • While both can be bought in Malaysia, only Fanz has a Singapore-based service centre

“Nuff said. Anyhow because the lighting on the Rubine was so dim,  I had to arrange to use a Fanz light module on the Rubine ceiling fan. It did require some DIY soldering though.  The blades look really good but are only faux wood though, unlike..

The ceiling lights like this one. Tri-colour and with a real woody frame!

The view of the entryway from my apartment entrance

At the end of a walkway, more wooden lights greet me at the entrance of my master bedroom.

Here’s a close-up!

Lights certainly enhance rooms! And so do window dressings like blinds! Here we have the installer from TG Curtains & Blinds efficiently installing quality blinds at my apartment.

A close-up of the Venetian blinds for my living room windows. Faux wood (for easier maintenance) and fabulous looking!

Entryway lights looking even more amazing with blinds!

Dining area lights. No those aren’t real birds perched on the branch

Another view of the living room lights, ceiling fan and blinds.

See-through roller blinds for the kitchen because it just needs to cut down the glare without making everything darker.

“Zebra” /Korean combi blinds for the rooms. Walnut blinds for the master bedroom to match the queen-sized walnut bedframe!

Since I received a couple of PMs about the bed frame, here are some close ups!

Unlike most other wooden storage bed frames that I have seen, this bed frame is sturdily constructed all around.

Not only that, the headboard holds a generous amount of storage too!

Ok that’s all for now. Looking forward to the end of my renovation!!