Japandi HDB Resale Reno – Week 4

Japandi HDB Resale Reno – Week 4

“Not much” happened this week other than…plastering of the entire flat!

So what exactly is plastering? Basically, a thin layer of cement-like substance is spread out along the wall and ceiling to smoothen out all surfaces.

This is the wall plaster that was used.


My flat underwent very extensive hacking due to the need to remove fixtures and cornice just about everywhere, so it developed a severe case of pockmarks  So how dramatically can plastering change the face of one’s resale flat?

For that, compare the “in progress” and “after” photos here…

No more jagged edges! No more holes!

Another advantage of plastering is that everything becomes whitish again – almost like the feel of a fresh BTO flat I suppose

Notice the green paint on the walls can no longer be seen? Thanks to plastering, the painters won’t have to paint too many coats as base before getting to my choice of colours! 


View of the service yard. Removal of the cabinets that used to be here left holes all over the place, that had to be filled with patches of cement! Thanks to plastering, the yard walls no longer look like a disaster. Painting should conceal whatever traces of cement that can still be seen.

I was really worried about this ledge in the master bedroom because it looked really bad after the hacking.

Post plastering, everything looks shiny and new!

But I do wonder what I ought to do about:

1. That (presently orange) piece of board that conceals access to what used to be the aircon bracket?? I will be locating my aircon compressor at the service yard instead.


2. That window size ledge next to the window?? Place some plants or a clock??