Japandi HDB Resale Reno – Week 6

Japandi HDB Resale Reno – Week 6

Came by this week and what did I see?


Cracked toilet tiles! 

But they’re there for good reason because

1) Electrical wiring is done! and

2) Aircon trunking is done!

Notice the excessively bulky trunking on the right wall? It’s unavoidable because that’s where the aircon cables lead out into the aircon ledge. I’m glad my aircon ledge is not in my master bedroom like in some resale flats.

Since I want to minimise the need for any aircon troubles in the future, I opted for Class 0 Armaflex 1/2 inch insulation, G22 Copper Pipe and 16mm Drainage Pipe. Not really sure what that all means but hope it makes a difference somehow considering it costs a little more

The water drainage from the aircon system is routed to my common bathroom at the shower area. Glad my bathroom’s wall tiles are mostly white – the trunking would stick out a lot more otherwise!

I would have preferred the cables in my master bedroom to be run much closer to the ceiling, but seems like doing so would affect the efficiency of the aircon? Oh well..

Otherwise the aircon installers did a neat job with drilled holes properly patched up.

This gap is an invitation for creepy crawlies to nest though.  Have been informed that this will get boxed up.  Now back to electrical wiring. 

Just because wiring is done doesn’t mean that switches are installed yet though. Here the electrician has somehow routed the wires through the wall so that switches for the study room can be placed outside, by the entrance.

More wires “bursting” out of the wall. These will be for the service yard’s lights and two items in the service yard: the automatic laundry system and electrical storage water heater.

While for the most part the wires have been concealed very nicely by trunking, a few are left “loose” like vines in a concrete jungle. In this case, carpentry in the kitchen area needs to be finalised first.

The electrician has done a really nice job of laying the wires in an unobtrusive a manner as possible by keeping to the corners etc. In this case though it was placed so close to the window that there won’t be room for installation of window grilles.

 I don’t blame him since he probably assumed I’m skipping window grilles. Anyway, it will be shifted a few centimetres to the right.