Synching bookmarks

Synching bookmarks

One advantage that Apple touts of its .Mac service is the ability to synchronise the bookmarks of its Safari web browser between several Macs. Alas, not many people make use of this because

1) .Mac is not cheap at US$99 a year (though, granted, you do get a ton of other features with the subscription)

2) Apple’s Safari only runs on the Macintosh platform

3) Not all Macintosh users use Safari

So let’s say, like me, you use the great Mozilla Firefox web browser at two computers, say at home and at work, and you want to keep your bookmarks in synch, how can you do it? Well, instead of manually copying your bookmark files over every time :p you only need to install the Bookmarks Synchronizer Plug-In for Firefox and you’re ready to go!

Only thing though, is that you’ll need to have access to an FTP log-in: your copies of Firefox will need to synchronise to somewhere now won’t it?

Hopefully a future version will allow synching to a USB flash drive – now THAT would make synching more accessible to most people.