Gcelerated Mac!

Gcelerated Mac!

No, there really is nothing wrong with the spelling 🙂 I’m just really excited that my PowerMac processor upgrade card from Gigadesigns is finally here! Ordered from Other World Computing and shipped via FedEx, my package finally got here after about 5 days (would have been faster if I hadn’t ordered just before the weekend).

So what does the package look like? Well, here are some pics!

So how does the new G4 1.4GHz card compare to my puny old G4 400MHz? Here’re some benchmarks:

(1) Encoded an MP3 file using LameBrain from an AIFF file on the hard drive

3min 46sec (G4/400MHz) vs. 1min 11sec (G4/1.4GHz)

(2) Created a contact sheet using Photoshop Elements 2 out of 75 pictures
9min 38sec vs. 4min 06sec

(3) iMovie 4 export of a 1min 30sec clip into “CD-ROM Quicktime” preset format
6min 28 sec vs, 2min 21sec

The gains aren’t exactly linear, but I suppose the performance gains aren’t so dramatic after some point (at least with these applications/tasks anyhow).