Japandi HDB Resale Reno – Week 2

Japandi HDB Resale Reno – Week 2

I plan to be able to roll an Ikea Raskog out of the service yard into the kitchen when the need arises, so the kerb between the kitchen and yard had to go!

As expected, tiling started this week and proceeded at a very good pace. Very happy with the wood-grain tile that I picked at Hafary for the living area and rooms. Am also pleased with how the tile layer is doing these tiles.

Floor tiles also completed in the service yard + the kitchen!

This is how well the tiler has done the “transition” of tiles at at the kitchen/living+dining area border. 


The renovation permit for demolishing the store room has finally been approved by HDB! So it got removed, along with the bedroom and kitchen wall – all within a single day!

Farewell store room! The entryway doesn’t feel so cramped anymore!

Seeing more natural light in the living room now with the bedroom (soon to be a study room) wall gone

Removing the kitchen wall resulted in a more spacious-looking kitchen!

Tiling for bathroom walls and floor also all done! Did a “step down” for the shower area.

Amazing how much can be done in a week! I suspect all tiling might be completed in the coming week!