Japandi HDB Resale Reno – Week 1

Japandi HDB Resale Reno – Week 1

Hack hack hack! By the end of the first day, the floor was full of debris from the tiles and all built in cabinets.

The floor looked too much like an obstacle course so I dared not step in any further! But amazingly, this is what it looked like by the end of the second day.

All gone! Amazingly fast huh?

Not much else happened this week other than water proofing and cementing of the bathrooms

The floor and wall look smooth and ready to receive some tiling loving!

Speaking of tiles, they have also been loaded into the different areas of the apartment.

Two of the tiles that will be placed all over the apartment. The bottom one is a woodgrain type which will be placed over the living and dining areas, and all rooms! Actually much nicer than it looks in this photo!

One another note, thanks to removal of all the cabinets in the service yard, this was revealed…

Yes 2 huge pipes in that corner. And the windows to the common bathroom aren’t as high as I expected either!

Which means

1. No way to fit a dryer and washing machine side by side

2. No way to stack a dryer on top of a washing machine either (without cutting off ventilation to the common bathroom).


Solution? Use a combo washing machine-dryer instead.

Such machines have a drying capacity lower than its washer capacity (e.g. 8kg washer/5kg dryer) though. So I now also have to look into getting an electric hanging laundry machine to meet my drying needs