Truly Delicious

Truly Delicious

Thanks to this hilarious video review, I was inspired to finally catalogue my ever-growing DVD collection. Sure, it’s still small collection (I’m hardly rich after all..sadly), but it still is growing.

Anyway, the software is called Delicious Library and it’s made by a company called…Delicious Monster! Yep, doesn’t sound like a stuffy company at all. And you can see why as soon as you launch the program.

Delicious indeed

Truly Delicious indeed!

Not into the wooden bookshelf look? No problem, there’re many more easy-to-install themes available for download right here. My personal favourite is the iKea one.

That’s not all – you can even export your Delicious Library collection to the web, thanks to a free tiny app known as DeliciWeb. In fact, you can see my DVD library right here. Now why would I want to put it up on the web, you might ask? Because I can!

You can also add your CD, Book and Game collections too. But I haven’t gotten around to adding mine yet.

It IS a Macintosh-only application though – yet another excellent Mac shareware app. Windows users, you know you really want to get that Mac!