Japandi HDB Resale Reno – The theme

Japandi HDB Resale Reno – The theme

About the theme…

As a soloist, it’s important that my home is bright (without inducing headaches) and uncluttered (no need to spend too much time cleaning). So whitish walls are a must and wood-like flooring too. I started by looking at Muji and Scaninavian themes, but I quickly found these to be a little too light for my taste. Which then led me to Japandi.

So what is Japandi? As the name suggests, Japandi is a theme incorporating both Scandinavian and Japanese elements. Elements present in Japandi include:

  • A lot of natural light
  • A lot of natural material especially wood
  • Contrasts of light and darker pastel shades?
  • Functional decorations
  • Clean lines and little clutter
  • Greenery

Some examples of what a mix of these could look like below:

In short, it has elements of Muji and Scandinavian that I like, while offering more options in terms of color palette.


So excited was I about this theme that I’d even bought 3 pieces of furniture long before renovation started 

The sofa

Bambu Sofa from Castlery

Dark charcoal sofa would make it a standout against the whitish walls. Frame is elegant bended wood. Best of all, the sofa seats and sofa covers are removable and there is some clearance below the sofa – which means easy to clean!!

The dining table and chairs

Pale wooden frames for charcoal seats and a whitish marble table top! I hope I won’t curse when I need to maintain this marble table top though lol

The bed frame

A dark walnut bedframe with plenty of storage: below the bed and even in the headboard. Again a great contrast against whitish walls, wood-like tiles and the lighter bedroom wardrobe laminate that I have in mind.