Giving podcasting a chance

Giving podcasting a chance

I’ve heard about podcasts and applications like iPodderX that supposedly make it really easy to transfer podcasts over into your iPod. But somehow the idea of listening to some fellow’s scratchy recording of his rambling or rantings simply didn’t appeal at all to me.

So I greeted the news that iTunes now has integrated podcasts capability with a yawn. In fact, I was more intrigued by the news that the 20GB iPod now comes with colour screens too..hehe.. (must…resist….upgrade bug!!)

For a while, it seemed that I wasn’t wrong to yawn. Why bother, really?

But yesterday I actually browsed through iTunes’ directories of podcasts and became very very intrigued by what I saw. Gasp, the BBC and Disney actually have podcasts too! I think I’ll be listening to my iPod a lot more in the next few weeks, looking for interesting shows.

I do wish that more podcasters would read up on ways to make effective podcasts, though. Till then, looks like I’ll have to endure the occasional scratchy ranting and rambling as I sift through the podcast directories.