el Camino

el Camino

The web browser I mean. Looks like they have a spiffy looking new website to go along with a long-awaited new-release of the web browser. Like Mozilla Firefox, it is based on the latest Gecko rendering engine, but it sure feels more Mac-like. I also like the bookmark management system quite a bit better than Firefox’s. It remains to be seen if Camino will replace Apple’s Safari as my Mac web browser of choice however. I’ll post an update after a couple of weeks of use..

BTW it seems like there are optimized versions of both web browsers available for download, apparently compiled for best performance on the variouis processors used in different Macs. Check em out if you’re keen on eking out every last drop of performance from your Mac:

Optimized Firefox builds
Optimized Camino builds

Since these don’t come from the official download sources, I won’t make any warranties about the quality of the downloads. But if you’re really interested but wary, you could always compile your own build of either web browser, since the source code is freely available for download.

Windows-using folks should check out this page. I’m downloading the M2 build for my Athlon XP PC.