Just surfing around as usual when I noticed a link to a new FREE blogging service, siimlar to Blogger and LiveJournal. The big difference is that is running on WordPress – yes, the very software this blog is powered by?

I’ve set up a test account and it seems to be running off a version 1.5 beta of WordPress, as the manager interface seems to contain features missing from my version 1.2.2 of WordPress..including a handy theme manager!

Time will tell whether its popularity will cause annoying slowdowns etc when publishing, like the ones I’d encoutered back when I was using Blogger (which was just 2 months ago!). But I doubt it, because unlike Blogger, WordPress doesn’t rebuild every single page when you publish anything.

So go check out

So will I abandon this blog and use one at Blogsome?

Nah, I prefer the freedom and security of running off my own hosted server (especially the ability to backup the MySQL database of my blogs).