KnowledgeTree speed on VPSes

KnowledgeTree speed on VPSes

I was trying out KnowledgeTree (Community Edition) on 3 different virtual private servers just to see how they fareĀ  with “heavy” websites, and here’s how they perform generating a page of 20 items. All VPSes are 512MB instances running on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS .

APC Hosting (Virtuozzo)

Request created in 17.190s

Rackspace Cloud Server (Xen)

Request created in 0.446s

Club Uptime (OpenVZ)

Request created in 0.299s

The most ironic thing is that the above VPSes are listed in order of most expensive to least expensive. It seems here we do not get the best performance from the mostĀ  expensive service? In fact it performs much worse than the other two!

At this point, the Rackspace offering is the most attractive with its built-in manual and scheduled daily and weekly snapshots, from which you can quickly spin up new VPSes.