Picture poll in Moodle

Picture poll in Moodle

Got a little worried when I was asked to put up a polling system in Moodle to allow teachers and students to “vote” for their favourite photo. I knew right away that the correct activity to use would be Choice but…

  1. Choice only had blanks for 10 options!
  2. There didn’t seem to be an “insert image” function either!

But thanks to various posts in the Moodle forums, I managed the following workarounds:

1. Edit /mod/choice/mod.html and change $standardblanks = 10; to the desired value (in my case, 23).

2. Paste  img xsrc=”../../file.php/23/choice1/answer1.jpg” / (place the code between <> ) in the Choice field. Replace “23” with the actual course number (e.g. in /moodle/course/view.php?id=23). Replace “choice1” with the name of the folder that the image files have been uploaded to.

Pretty easy after all! Thank you Moodle forums! moodlelogo.gif