Freeware galore!

Freeware galore!

Got very excited when I read that StarOffice 8 has not only been released this week, but it is also available as a free download for teachers and students! Aside from improved compatability with Microsoft Office, a more user-friendly look (read: similar to Microsoft Office applications to tempt even more users to switch) and an actually easy-to-use database application, there are also a host of other new features.

StarOffice 8 Writer

Not a student or teacher? Well, there’s always OpenOffice which is nearing its version 2.0 release at this time.

Aside from StarOffice 8, also came across a few other very exciting-looking 100% FREE software products/services:

  • Open Clipart Library – the source for freely-usable (i.e. no royalties!) clipart
  • Writely – this “web word processor” with collaborative writing features looks like a beautiful Wiki on steroids
  • NumSum – web-based spreadsheets for whatever you need
  • Album Shaper – seems to be a very serious open-source alternative to iPhoto or Picassa

Ok, hopefully I’ll get to do (short) reviews of ’em in a few weeks (once examination madness is over!).