Managing your iTunes library

Managing your iTunes library

One of the reasons I upgraded from a 2nd-generation to a 3rd-generation iPod was to gain song-rating capabilities. I really really thought that I’d constantly be rating all my music on my iPod while on the move, so that I could make better manage my iTunes library and create smarter playlists.

It didn’t work out that way though.

The reason is simple – I simply grew to prefer leaving my iPod in my pants pocket or bag. So I took to rating my songs while working on my Mac instead. Alas, when you’re engrossed in reading interesting articles or opinions and typing out work (or even this blog..haha), you’d hardly notice which song being played by iTunes has been rated or not. 🙁 I needed something that would pop out to pester me to rate an unrated song.

And now I’ve found it.

Rate Me! Rate Me! is an AppleScript (yes, for Mac only – sorry Windows-only people) that is most aptly named, because it pesters you to rate every unrated song that iTunes starts playing, no matter what application you are working in.

Just what I needed. 😀