Running Diablo 2 on OS X Lion

Running Diablo 2 on OS X Lion

I upgraded my Macs to OS X Lion a few days ago and have been very pleased with all the new features.

But when the nephews came vistiing today and wanted to play a local LAN game of Diablo 2, all we got was …



As it turns out, Blizzard had, a few days ago, posted some information regarding OS X Lion not being able to run their classic games, including Diablo 2! Diablo 2 was released for Macs running PowerPC processors (remember: Intel Macs only stared appearing in 2006). It’s been able to run previous in Intel Macs due to the inclusion of the Rosetta translation software, but this is no longer available in OS X Lion.

Thankfully, a solution exists!

The first thing to do is you need to have a free account. Create one if you don’t already have it.


Now click on Add a Game. You will be prompted to key in the CD KEYS of your Blizzard games,
Do this.


Your games will now appear in your list of Game Accounts.


When you click on the game, you will be presented with the option to download the Game Client.

Click on the client for Windows to download the game installer.


Now go on to Codeweavers website and purchase their CrossOver Games Mac product at 50% off using the code DEADDUCK.

Or, if you’re not sure whether to commit yet, just download the 14-day trial.


Once CrossOver Games Mac has been installed and launched, use Configure –> Install Software and select the following options to install Diablo 2 on your Mac from the installer client for Windows.


Be sure to select the options above before you hit the Install button.

At the end of the game download and installation, you will see the application link for Diablo 2.


If you also own the Lord of Destruction expansion back, you can repeat the same process but be sure to also select the same Diablo 2 bottle where the original game has been installed!

Now have fun going after the Prime Evils and their minions!


  • Needofasavior

    did not work after crossover installed diablo installer nothing happened and i can not find diablo

  • Bitbry

    how do i right click to cast spells in the game with the one click mouse??

  • Syamsul

    In System Preferences, go to Point & Click and enable Secondary Click (click on right side)

  • Chris

    Direct 2D didn’t work for me in full screen. Found another solution, make your screen resolution smaller and the game will fit your screen

  • alisaf

    try ctrl + scroll up to zoom more into the diablo 2 window to make it seem bigger

  • sdfsdfhsu

    Enter your key into the battle net website and they give you the 26 letter equivalent

  • Daniel

    Did you resolve your screen problem? i need some help to!

  • Daniel

    I was reading through and a lot of people have the same problem as me. When I go to open the game, it just opens a bunch of colours and doesn’t get to the game. Please have an answer 🙂

  • Daniel

    Ok I finally got my screen to stop flickering but pressing the button combo. But when I try to install LOD, its telling me to first install Diablo2. How can I get around this. Please someone answer ASAP

  • LC

    Ok, I have a problem.

    I managed to get Diablo II working, and I then proceeded to install the LOD expansion. however, after a little, the screen disappeared, and whenever I try to open up Diablo, it just switches to CrossOver and shuts down diablo.

    Is there a fix for this?